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The effects of noise on humans make sound reduction measures necessary.


Our key aim is to provide you, our partner, with the perfect solution!


With the technical knowledge of our acoustic engineers and our

experience of over 15 years in the area of technical acoustics, we are

your competence in this area.


We will be happy to take on the conceptual acoustic design for your project:
Collection of all relevant data, based on customer specifications
  and in some cases measurements, but also direct surveys
  and assessment on site
•  Acoustic evaluation and calculation of the individual parts
  and components
Creation of an acoustic expert’s report


Our acoustic programs are based on:
the latest state of technology
•  current acoustic models
Acoustic Preliminary and follow-up measurements
acoustic values which have been investigated and collected for our
  individual components in test channels and test tracks



Certification according to ISO 9001:2008




Dr. Warschat Schallschutz - Akustik




Dr. Warschat Schallschutz - Akustik