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Special Solutions


We are your partner when you need solutions which cannot be realised

with standard applications!


There are many projects in which sound protection is required at a later

point in planning, or subsequently in existing installations.


Even if the construction environment Is often difficult to realise because

of the high demands of the environment, stringent safety regulations or

the specific construction features of the site, we are able to solve

precisely such problems for you.


We offer you a concept which is precisely tailored to your needs,

and then we realise it for you.


We offer:
•  Surveys and acoustic measuring worldwide
Special constructions for your solution
Implementation and examination by our employees on site as
Construction and installation by our assembly team


•  Acoustic concepts for manufacturing sites in the metalworking industry
Installation of dividing walls
Encapsulation of small sources of disturbance
Complete housing of an entire plant, e.g. blasting plant
Load-bearing steel structure, prop constructions and adapter
  fittings for baffle silencers
Platforms and railings for the entire installation
Special constructions made of steel




Dr. Warschat Schallschutz - Sonderlösungen


Dr. Warschat Schallschutz - Sonderlsöungen