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Due to the variety of requirements and applications, silencers have

different structures and mechanisms of action. Common types are

absorption silencers and interference silencers.


We offer you the appropriate silencer for your applications. You can

make use of our standard solution or concepts which have been

specially calculated for you.


Our silencers are individually designed and dimensioned according to

German and foreign rules of measurement. Particular attention is paid

to the pressure-bearing parts as well as the calculation of the loads on

the props. Only appropriate materials are used (steel, stainless steel,

GRP) which are chosen depending on the temperatures and pressures

which occur. Moreover, we also realise your customer-specific



•  Blow down silencers 
Intake silencers
Blow-off silencers
Discharge silencers
Baffle silencers
Resonator silencers
Pipe silencers
Suction silencers






Dr. Warschat Schallschutz - Schalldämpfer



Dr. Warschat Schallschutz - Schalldämpfer